Lipid management: Resources for healthcare professionals

Health Innovation East is working with local healthcare services to improve lipid management in the region. Here is a collection of resources to support clinicians and wider NHS colleagues.

To support the uptake of the lipid management pathway as part of our broader work to reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the East of England, we have created a number of clinician and decision maker resources as detailed below.

If you are a healthcare professional and want to request any of these resources please select all appropriate options at the bottom of the page.

Lipid Management in Primary Care: Implementation Guide

To support the implementation of a population health management approach (PHM) to lipid management within primary care this guide outlines a four step approach to setting up a population health management approach to lipid management and provides useful information including:

  • Pathway examples
  • Delivery frameworks
  • Case finding tools
  • Possible funding mechanisms
  • Signposting to training resources
  • Identifying Health Innovation Network support

Prescribing and eligible population data

ICS level data packs have been created to highlight cholesterol management need. Each pack includes:

  • Low and medium intensity statins as a percentage of items of all statins by ICS, CCG and practice. 
  • Ezetimibe prescribing numbers numbers by CCG
  • Bempedoic Acid prescribing numbers by CCG
  • Potential population eligibility data for NICE endorsed lipid management clinical pathway by CCG and PCN 
  • The overall size of opportunity for lipid management (considering 11 risk factors)

The data within this pack is not intended to replace local intelligence but rather compliment it.

Lipid management pathway training video

Max Hickman, GP with Special Interest in Cardiology and vice-chair of North East Essex CCG, has been supporting Health Innovation East in delivering CCG wide upskilling sessions to prescribing clinicians in primary care. This webinar recording walks through each of the step of the lipid management pathway. Healthcare professionals can access training on this subject on the RCGP website. You will need to request the password using the form below to watch this video as it is only intended for healthcare professionals.

Lipid management clinical pathway launch brief

AHSNs across England are working in collaboration with health and care organisations to improve uptake of the NICE endorsed lipid management pathway, including supporting the adoption of novel therapies. This brief provides information that facilitates the adoption of the pathway, including patient eligibility criteria, drug safety, funding, prescribing and our role.

Pathway launch FAQs

Created by the Accelerated Access Collaborative and Health Innovation Network this document provides a background to the collaboration between NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) and Novartis and provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the partnership.

Bitesize Lipids event with Ahmet Fuat: Health Innovation East lipids programme

Evidence map for tools that assist with lipid management and identification of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH)

Health Innovation East commissioned this high-level evidence map to identify the volume and type of published evidence available about the effectiveness of tools that assist in lipid management and familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) identification. Read and download the full report or the summary version now.

Patient Search Tool Resource Review (published Jan 23)

This review provides clinicians with an overview of some of the key existing search tools available to support them in identifying at-risk patients, treatment options and review points. It also provides supporting contextual information relating to the lipids management pathway and lipids management.

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