Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans LGBT flag 28th February, 2022

Why celebrating LGBT+ History Month empowers today’s LGBTQ+ NHS workforce

Tara Marshall, Clinical Lead for Deterioration at Eastern AHSN, describes why recognising the history of LGBTQ+ people is key to helping staff in the NHS feel they can be themselves.

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Boundary spanning map 17th February, 2022

3 ways healthcare can better collaborate for better outcomes

Carolyn Jackson, Director at UEA Health and Social Care Partners and Sophie Castle-Clarke, Principal Advisor at Eastern AHSN reflect on organisational cultures and identify why boundary spanning, innovation and creativity are critical to enabling health and care partners to achieve better outcomes for patients.

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Researcher accessing database 21st January, 2022

Funding awarded to develop innovative ways to collaborate health data in research

Eastern AHSN are partners in two Sprint Exemplar Projects funded through the Data and Analytics Research Environments (DARE) UK programme

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Digital healthcare wearable device 19th January, 2022

Remote cardiac rehab helps keep patients active during pandemic

Active+me REMOTE system pilot found improved patient activation measure (PAM) scores in highest risk patients

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Crossing the chasm 18th January, 2022

Helping innovators make their new year scale-up wishes come true

Our 2021 cohort of innovators present growth strategies developed over the six-week programme

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Active+me Aseptika class cardiac rehab 14th January, 2022

Does it work? Three considerations for getting innovation evaluation right

Sophie Castle-Clarke, Principal Advisor at Eastern AHSN, explains how we measure the impact of our projects through robust evaluation.

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